Will Donald Trump Re-Elected ? Read Astrology Prediction

The time is coming for the election. On 3rd November 2020 the biggest election of the world is going to take place. The contestants are Trump and Biden. Yes, I am talking about the election of the Presidency. The president of the united states.

Now, May has started and not much time has left, only 6 months. We are not living in a world with locked doors and fear for life all round us. Corona has killed more than World war 2. We are living in a time which we are going to remember for the rest of our lives and what ever is going to happen in this time will always be with us in our memories for ever.

Trump as it is observed has turned out to be an idiot of sorts. Saying something on one day and something on another. No person with impeccable character can do this. But he is known for such things. And may be the USA citizens are now realizing that they voted a joker to be their president instead of some one with integrity of character.

Trump Birth Chart

I am just curious to know who is going to win this election so I will take two numbers 1 in favor of Trump and another in favor of Biden. I wish Maharaj JI guide me correctly and if my prediction goes wrong then it is his fault and not mine.

115 is the number which is for Trump. As we know the 6th cusp sub lord is the deciding factor and the strong it is connected with the 10th and the 11th house the more the chances are there for one to win. The next to be seen is the dasha bhukti antara.

CoronaVirus: Who Should Be More Carefule  

Here in this horoscope the 6th cusp sub lord is Venus. Venus is in the star of Mars. Venus is placed in the 9th house and mars is in the 5th bhava. As we know the 5th house is the loss of the 6th house. Hence the initial promise looks weak here.   The dasa at that time will be of Saturn. Saturn is in the 4th house and it is in the star of Sun. Sun is in the 8th house being the ruler of 12th house and in the sub of Venus in the 9th house.

Thus the entire picture is not favoring Trump.

Let us see what is there for Biden. 83 is the number for him. Let us see the horary Map for him. The 6th cusp sub lord is Mars. It is in own star and in the sub of Saturn. Saturn is in the 6th house and Mars is the ruler of the 10th cusp. The dasa will be of Saturn. It is in the 6th house and is in the star of Sun and in the sub of Venus. Venus is in the 10th house.

Biden Birth Chart

Hence as per these two horoscopes, The winner will be Biden. Lets see what happens in the time to come.

Acharya Raman.

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