Gemstone Calculator

What is Gemstone Calculator?

Gemstone calculator will give you precise and important information regarding which gemstone you should wear. This calculator will give you results based on your birth ascendant.

Gemstones are very significant in one’s life if they have faith. They are precious and effective. Astrology believes in gemstones strongly and advise people to wear it on proper days with proper process. Gemstones are used to reduce the effect of inauspicious and

Who All Can Wear It?

Gemstones should be taken according to the sign and planets then only it bears fruits. Following is the list of signs and related gemstones.

  • ARIES – Red Coral is best.
  • TAURUS – Opal is best.
  • GEMINI – Emerald is best.
  • CANCER – Pearl is best.
  • LEO – Ruby is best.
  • VIRGO – Emerald is best.
  • LIBRA – Opal is best.
  • SCORPIO – Red Coral is best.
  • SAGITTARIUS – Yellow Sapphire is best.
  • CAPRICORN – Blue Sapphire is best.
  • AQUARIUS – Blue Sapphire is best.
  • PISCES – Yellow Sapphire is best.

How to Wear?

The natives must keep in mind that the gemstone should touch your skin. Before wearing it, one should keep it in Gangajal for some time and then offer prayers to the God. Light a ghee diya and keep the gemstone in front of it. After offering prayers to the Lord of gemstone, the native can wear it according to the day of the gemstone.

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