Death When: Moon transit tells the time of demise

It was somewhere in the month of August, I received a call from a person. His father was hospitalized and he was very worried about the longevity of his father. I saw the natal horoscope and told him that at the max the person will go till May 2021 and not beyond. As he was running the maraka and badhaka periods. Below is the horoscope:

The native is running the mahadasha of Mercury, Venus antara and Jupiter pratyantara. He was a covid patient and also had cancer. It was not possible to recover but I told th person that his father will recover but will not pass the month of May 2021.

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Day before yesterday he messaged me that his father is not critical and doctors have lost hope and are telling to remove the ventilator. I asked for a number and he gave me the number 8. Below is the horoscope:

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The dasa was of sun and Mercury antara. Sun is in the star of Mars and in the sub of Moon. Mars is transiting in the 12th house. Sun is in the 6th. Mercury is in the star of rahu and in the sub of Saturn. Saturn is ruling the 12th house. Rahu is in the makarak bhava aliong with mercury and rahu is in turn in the star of Mars in the 12th house.


I told him to wait for 3-4 days as I was not sure whether the native will survive or not and as willing to let moon come to the 12th house in the natal chart. On 26th November when moon was in the star of rahu and in the 12th house in the horary chart the native breathed his last. I was informed about the same on 31-10-2020. 

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