Death when: A KP Perspective

It`s been a long time predicting about longevity of a person. It is best to cast the horary chart and then predict about longevity. Natal charts also are good but their time is always doubtful.

I want to clear beforehand itself that the purpose of this article is just to prove the efficacy of KP System that’s all. All the death predictions I have given are usually of the serious patients or people running their late years. Some of the charts were saved and these charts will be of help for the readers to understand the longevity of the person themselves without going to an astrologer.

One who is born will die, this is a fact usually ever person forgets in his her life when they start reaching success and recognition at any level. Whether he is a criminal of international repute or a business conglomerate. All die one day.

A Prediction Coming True: The Native got afflicted by CORONAVIRUS  

An astrologer`s job is to tell the time when should be careful and I believe one should never tell anyone the year day month etc when one may succumb because we never know what kind of  negative impact the person may carry in his her mind and in what way he may retaliate towards it. To predict correctly is only by grace of God or your Guru and an astrologer should only consider himself a tiny messenger from fate to the asker nothing more. Ego is something from which one astrologer should always keep away. Anyways, coming to the horoscopes:

The native died on 18.6.2020 at the age of 68. She was born in the year 1952.

Factors to see the possible longevity:

  1. Benefic aspects on the ascendant and its lord.
  2. Strength of the benefics
  3. The lagna sub lord
  4. The star lord of the lagna sub lord.
  5. Marakadhipati and the badhakadhipati

The lagna lord is Venus. It is in own star. It is aspecting the lagna hence giving full strength to the lagna. The lagna is also aspected by Jupiter the third house lord and Mercury the 9th house lord. Mercury is also the badhaka planet for her. She was born in Sun star and she went through the mahadashas of Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter and succumbed in Saturn Rahu Rahu dasa bhukti and antara.

Saturn is in moon star and in own sub. Rahu is in the Mars star and in the Sub of Venus. Mars is maraka and Venus is the lord of 8th house. No planet aspects Rahu. The ascendant sub lord is Venus itself which is directly connected with the ascendant as not only its owner but also aspecting it. When the age came the antara of Rahu became a maraka planet for the person.

On the day of death sun was transiting in Gemini in the star of Mars the maraka planet for the said horoscope. It was conjunct Mercury the lord of the 12th house and the sign lord of Sun that day.

Death on 04-12-2017. (death 2) born in 1995. Died at the age of 22. alpayu

The lagna sub lord is moon. It is in the star of Saturn. The lagna lord is placed in the first bhava in the cusp chart. Sun and moon are conjoined. There is aspect of Mars on Saturn and moon both. The early death happened in Mercury Jupiter Mercury. Mercury is in Rahu star and in the sub of Moon. Rahu is in the 8th bhava in the cusp chart. Moon is the lord of the 6th . Mercury is the lord of the 8th bhava. Thus it is strongly connected with the 8th house and 6th house. The lagna itself is in the star of rahu in the 8th house. Thus there was no longevity as the lagna was directly connected with the 8-6 houses. Jupiter is in the star of Mercury.

On 04-12-2017 Sun transited in Mars sign and Mercury star.

Death on 18.6.13. native born 1951. Died at the age of 62.

The lagna is in Mars star and in the Sub of Sun. Mars and sun are in the 5th house which is an incremental house for the lagna. Venus aspects the lagna and Jupiter aspected the lagna lord. Hence the longevity is not bad. In the joint period of Sun Moon Jupiter the native died. On 18th June 2013 sun transited in Mercury sign Mars star conjunct Jupiter and Venus.

Died in November 2017 at 36. Madhyayu.

The ascendant is in the star of Mercury and in the sub of Rahu. Rahu is in the 8th house and mercury rules the 8th house along with the 10th house in the horoscope. Death happened in Ketu- Moon-Mercury.

Ketu is aspected by Jupiter. It is conjoined Sun and Venus. Ketu is in moon star and in the sub of Saturn. Moon is in Saturn star and Sub. Mercury is in Rahu star and in the sub of Saturn.

Hence we see that the position of the lagna lord, aspects on the lagna the lagna star lord and the sub lord play a vital role in deciding the longevity of a native.

This article is not to create any kind of fear in the readers mind nor to create “when will I die” type of questions but only for the purpose of making a good read and understanding the basincs of judging the longevity of a native and to be frank no matter how good an astrologer is, it is impossible that he will be giving all the predictions correctly as by doing that he will become next to God which is not possible. One should not and never give predictions on longevity as we do not know how the asker is going to feel about it. 

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