A Prediction Coming True: The Native got afflicted by CORONAVIRUS

It was in the month of August- September in 2019. A lady gave me her chart through a common friend. She is already having many diseases and that time she was running her Mars dasa and the antara was of moon. I was listening to her and was giving her solutions and then she asked about her longevity.

Generally it is not good to talk about longevity so I told her to ask something else but she was adamant. She is from a well to do family and her family own oil pumps in Dubai.


I again glanced at her chart. Rahu mahadasha was about to begin from October 2019. Rahu is placed in the 6th house. Generally Rahu in the 6th is not at all bad but this rahu was in the start of Venus and in the sub of Ketu. Venus is ruling the 8th house. It is placed in the 4th house and is also ruling the third house. Venus in turn is in star of Rahu.

CoronaVirus: Who Should Be More Carefule  

The sub lord of Rahu is ketu. Ketu is in the 12th house. Thus rahu is making the 6-8-12 cycle. Rahu is also aspected by Jupiter. Jupiter is the lagna lord and is conjunct Saturn the lord of 11-12 houses.

It is to be noted that the ascendant sub lord is also Rahu. Thus the lagna itself is connected directly with 6-12 houses.

So I told her to be careful for the coming year 2020 as she might have some thing serious related to her health.

On the 5th of April I got a call from the common friend and she said that the lady had contracted CoronaVirus in Dubai. She along with her husband and her maid are all afflicted by the coronaVirus.

I had forgotten my prediction about her but she remembered and she told me that you had told that the coming year is full of threat and be careful.

That Lady is in hospital with her husband and both are undergoing the treatment of Coronavirus in Dubai. I am not happy that she contracted such a fatal disease.

Let us all pray for her wellbeing.  

Acharya Raman

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